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I have been working with Diane for several months now, and she has been instrumental in helping me deal with a very difficult period in my life. One of the things I appreciate most about having her as a coach is her ability to help me see

myself through a different perspective. Her questions are thoughtful, and her reflective exercises are very helpful. With Diane’s guidance, I was able to feel more positive, and identify new opportunities that I never would have considered on my own.

—SK, Advertising Exec, NY

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As I approach retirement, I am seeking creative ways to share my insights and experiences with my peers. Diane has enabled me to identify my strengths and has provided me with tools and strategies to be able to launch a successful and

informative podcast. Her entertaining, even humorous approach, and boundless energy has been a refreshing and delightful.

—BB, Art Director, CT

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Throughout my sessions, Diane has brought really cool tools and ideas to the table. Love that she brings meditation to our group meetings and other ways to help us come together and feel safe and open and honest with ourselves and each other.

When I show up for a session I feel fully charged and confident that I will leave with an insight or idea that will.

—DA, Dilettante, UK

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I am a recent college graduate with a marketing degree and way too many internships.I just wasn’t interested in the career path I seemed to be headed for. My mother has been coached by Diane, and highly recommended

After several lively sessions, and an in-person yoga session at her cozy, comfy sanctuary.

—BS, Colts Neck, NJ

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